It’s official: I am doing shows again. The chest seen in the above photo belongs to Theresa Columbus. I used a photo of Theresa’s chest once before on this site. It accompanied an explosive text , which announced that although the site had lain fallow for many months, it was in fact not dead. It was very not dead.

Stop thinking about boobs. Back to the point: The Blow is performing. I announced this fact months ago, and my dad commented here and gave me the thumbs up. Thanks dad!

I am working on an idea. I have a vision of a performance that I want to make, and the vision is bigger than what I am capable of realizing at this moment. So the plan is to start small, and slowly add, piece by piece, until it gets to the place that I am imagining. Imagine the leap in size from an infant to a teenager. It happens slowly. Let’s imagine it as a timelapse photography sequence: start with a shot of the thigh bone of a newborn. See it stretch rapidly over the span of fifteen seconds until it becomes the full grown size of a 20 year old’s leg. Gross! Imagine it was shot with a special X-ray camera, with the baby clamped into something that makes it hold still. That much growth in one organism doesn’t seem possible. Instead of using the image of the growth of a leg, we could have imagined a little baby chest growing from infancy to 20 year old size. We even could have kept the cameras rolling all the way into old age. However, that might have been inappropriate, and it would bring up notions of growth which then extend into decay and eventual expiration. And I don’t want to talk about expired boobs right now. I don’t want to talk about boobs at all.

To summarize: Nothing is boobs. Nothing is dead. (Unless you want to think of breasts as a symbol of growth and fertility, in which case everything is boobs.) The Blow is doing shows, and each show builds on the one before. Last month The Blow performed at Glasslands in Brooklyn. This month we will have a show at Joe’s Pub, in Manhattan. In August we will visit the primary English speaking cities of Europe. We have cooked the material since the last time we were out. We added a chapter and gave one of the characters a sex change. We are building something here, and anyone who wants to can watch as it grows.

**The person seen in the above photo is Melissa Dyne. She is an installation artist, and she is collaborating with me on the look and the sound of the current show. Her additions to the show are growing incrementally as well.

July 2, 2010

  1. Noelle

    I know you don’t want to talk about boobs any more, but please grant me a few sentences. A friend of mine has got this one boob that is an appropriate size for a small person’s body, and this other one that doesn’t know how to stop growing. The Rebel Boob, we call it. So working with your metaphor here, we could use this chest as a good side-by-side comparison of your current project, and what it could grow to become. The rule-abiding fellow on the left, who just wants to get the job done, and the one who said Fuck your physiology, I am going to conquer the world! Or at least make all of your shirts fit funny.

    On that note, what I really want to know is if I could get my hands on one of those shirts.

  2. Mitsu

    Oh man, your show in NYC is on the exact day I am flying to India. I’d like to see the show in its early gestation stage. But I’m sure (I hope) to get another change sometime in the trackless thing people call the “future”. Meanwhile go go go and I hope and know the show will grow and grow into something really [ ] which I am looking forward to seeing someday.

  3. Nick Fasso

    At one point I commented with words that were basically assembled to justify my selfish desire to hear you play music you probably don’t want to play anymore. Now that the possibility of actually seeing you perform on some level exists, I don’t care what you do just please enjoy yourself enough to decide you want to come to southern California or even northern California I don’t care at all just please come over here please.

  4. Anaheim Murphy

    Funny, I am in semi-rural Africa (with internet access, of course) and thought of checking your blog upon hearing that a certain famous somebody was sentenced to 90 days in jail for violation of probation. Glad to know that the project is lifting off since us kids got a sneak peak in class and hope you’ll do some US shows when you get back from this grand European tour.

  5. Abby

    Saw you open at the Janelle Monae show in Tallahassee, and I’ve changed my opinion of what I heard at least ten times. So I’m thinking about it. Thanks for getting past all that humidity and “southern hospitality.”

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