I would like to nominate Saga Jacobsen for the position of THE BEST DOG EVER. He belongs to my brother and his girlfriend. As evidence that he could be the best dog ever, I offer the following data:
a) He never does any of the annoying dog things (bark, get up on you, ruin your stuff).
b) He has a look in his eyes like he knows exactly what you are thinking, and like he would save your life if necessary.
c) He always poops in a discrete location where it would be impossible to have to clean up after him, like way underneath a bush. So if you are on a walk with him, you never have to pick up a poo.
d) My mom hates dogs and she adores Saga.

Saga passed away yesterday, and I think that this should not in any way affect his candidacy as THE BEST DOG EVER.

June 1, 2010

  1. b michael

    Awww that looks like a great dog! My girlfriend and I just got a dog, and we think he’s basically the best. But he does poop in indiscrete locations, so far.

    Hey, also, I see you’re playing on 7/7–that’s exciting! I’m a big fan of your work with Microphones and The Blow. I can’t wait to see you play live.

  2. fake name

    Thank you very much for writing a short post that I can relate to. I cannot read anything over 1/2 paragraph long. I am sad that dog is dead because I want to pet him. He has pretty eyes. My cat did too. She died last year. I miss her.

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