2017- present

NO MICROPHONE is an evening of performance experiments. A studio practice for the material of presence, No Microphone is a platform for trying something out before knowing exactly what it is, aiming to increase access to the luxuries of time, space, and human attention. The series brings artists together across disciplines, scenes, and institutional affiliations, opening up space for psycho-emotional expansion as a direct tactic for surviving/transcending late capitalism and strategizing together towards an uncertain future. Creating a context for experimentation and intricate connection, the event is held in a different Manhattan location each time, weaving like a parasite through the landscape of arts institutions and cliques, propagating an atmosphere of possibility and alliance among artists in the city. NO MICROPHONE is organized by Khaela Maricich.

Hauser & Wirth Books Dec 2019, Participant Oct 2019, Poetry Project at St. Marks on the Bowery April 2019, The Kitchen Feb 2017. Participants to date: Ashna Ali, Ka Baird, Amelia Bande, Stephanie Barber, Aisha Tandiwe Bell, Catherine Cooper, Kyle Dacuyan, Melissa Dyne, Betty Eastland, Noah Furman, ann/drew gayle, Ian Hatcher, Sara Knox Hunter, Sara Jimenez, Millie Kapp, NIC Kay, Muyassar Kurti, Glendalys Medina, Seung-Min Lee, Jodi Lyn-Kee-Chow, Tracie Morris, Lydia Adler Okrent, Emily Oliveira, Max Steele, Maya Seuss, Cat Tyc, Mariana Valencia, Georgia Wall, Geo Wyeth, and Sacha Yanow.



2014 - present

WOMANPRODUCER is a multi-dimensional archive of sonic innovators. Looking both backward and forward, the project highlights frequently untold histories of female, trans, and gender-nonconforming sonic innovators and encourages the generation of more materials by and about these producers and technologists. The project began in 2014 as a web-based archive, and in 2016 expanded to a series of live events held at National Sawdust in Brooklyn. The WOMANPRODUCER Series was three nights of events, which brought together artists from across genres and eras for conversations and performances, including Neko Case, Zola Jesus, Pauline Oliveros, Suzi Analogue, Miho Hatori, Yuka C. Honda, Mirah, Val Inc, and The Blow. The archive exists at www.womanproducer.com and on IG at @womanproducer, and is curated by Melissa Dyne & Khaela Maricich.





LADIES OF THE LAKE was a collaborative cabaret for Portland Institute of Contemporary Art’s TBA Festival, with participation by:  Mirah Yom Tov Zeitlyn, Pashly aka Susan Ploetz, Anna Oxygen, Khaela Maricich, Jenn Kliese, Dana Dart-McClean and Liam Drain, Melissa Torrente, Ariana Jacob, Amber Bell, Kanako Wykoop. An evening of short collaborations, by artists from a range of fields: musicians, bookmakers, philosophers, visual artists, featuring dance pop and large scale sculpture, songs of balladeers, instructional lectures, animated drawings, and dance tutorials. All participants spent a formative period in the incubative environment of Olympia Washington.