I moved the moon inside the house.

It was too hard to see her, outside, and I had to keep going to the door and stepping outside to look at her. The cold air would come in, my girlfriend got annoyed. In the end it seemed more economical just to pay whatever it cost to bring the moon in- I was adamant that it would absolutely pay for itself in the long run.

Once I had her inside I could see her more clearly. Try and get a sense of what exactly she is. What is she? Rock? Just rock? Is there a burning core of something inside, that makes her hover so close but also always remain a certain distance away. She’s always there and never here, keeping this magnetic space between us. Is it the ever-present distance that makes me want her so much? Or just the fact that I know she is always there. Looking at her and seeing myself looking at her, looking into mirror hanging real far away.

And I’d also really like to understand: how far away is she actually? Like from where I’m standing. The few feet that I brought her from outside to inside didn’t change things that much, in terms of millions of miles. I know she is far from me, but how far?  Could I ever get there, physically, in my life time? And what is it like there where she is: how is the temperature. Is it fashionable? Are there things going on all the time or is it kind of a zen sort of place, like one wind chime, cold soup for dinner and sleeping in a really uncomfortable position every night so you never forget what’s going on. WHAT’S GOING ON. You know, like what’s REALLY going on. That’s exactly what I told my girlfriend, about why I wanted to bring the moon inside. I just wanted to never forget, that she’s real, that she is round, that she is really out there and this is all actually happening.

February 5, 2018

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