Dear Blog,

it’s hard to even know how to begin this, it has been so long since I have written you. It’s turning into one of those cases where, the longer I hesitate, the more difficult it becomes to make even the most humble attempt at communication. So, in the effort to not lose touch completely, here goes nothing.

A few nights ago I decided I was absolutely going to write you, no more hesitation, but before I could even open the text program, I had to spend about five straight hours surfing You Tube. I was looking up videos of that band Gnarls Barkley. In the back of my mind I really was thinking about what to say to you, but, Oh my god, that band is so amazing! They are totally the hottest thing! From a year and a half ago. I remember hearing that one song of theirs in passing last summer, and thinking, “hm, it almost sounds like the guy is actually singing about the experience of going insane. Too bad he isn’t, it would be so cool if someone made a mega-hit pop song about something intense and sincere like that.”

That might put things in perspective for you a little bit, blog, as to where my head has been. I guess I have been in a pretty tight cocoon, somewhere where the biggest song of the year couldn’t seep through. I think I’ve just been programmed into output mode, as opposed to intake. You have to get streamlined, in order to be able to put a lot of yourself out into the world.

shape light.jpg

There is a lovely little piece of irony and humor in the fact that I was unable to notice the overwhelming success of the “Crazy” song during its climax, because I was too busy trying to do what they had already brilliantly accomplished. The image of me, sitting alone in my house, finally finding myself in a pause between tours that is long enough to leave me hungry, for once, for the taste of new information, discovering Gnarls Barkley and freaking out about how effective they were at conveying deep weird heavy information in mega-popular music, is hilarious.
I am really into getting it late, right now.

Some people are hyper-fashionable and up on the coolest thing right when it is happening. They have the right hair at the right time.
You can be fashionable with yesterday’s hair, but you have to be careful about which yesterday. Early 90’s hair isn’t quite in yet, but I am guessing it is right on the verge, and kids in London and maybe Brooklyn must already be doing big bangs and triangle shaped perms. The nasty taste of something being still just a little bit ugly is what the superhip are after, I think. And you have to be so careful, because if you get there too late, then you are a follower. But if you get there too early then you just look dumb. Getting there right on time is what’s called “fashionably late”, I think. Like, wearing metal aviator nerd glasses four years ago: right on the money.


But there is the kind of timing, which is just loser late. It’s mom late. My mom would get into Gnarls Barkley now, from having heard a song at a wedding. “Honey, do you know these Gnarls Barkley guys?” That is what I am into right now. Just claiming time as my own. That song is amazing, and so are the other ones I’ve heard by them. Like the weird deep voice saying,”Who Cares?”
In that song of theirs.

It feels relaxing to me at this moment to focus on the quality of things, as opposed to the glittering significance of their timing. And my mom is rad, so, case in point.

I’m also really enjoying reading about Andy Warhol. Especially the book he wrote, “The Philosophy of Andy Warhol.” But maybe he is always fashionable?

I am so glad that I can still talk to you like this, Blog. I guess I’m gonna go to bed now.
See ya soon, I hope.


August 27, 2007

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