I woke up the other morning and felt so thrilled to be alive. The feeling came as a total surprise. There was no particularly good news to feel happy about and I could still feel the usual landscape of worry stretching underneath me. I’m still afraid of a nuclear war, the internet bill is still many months unpaid, my breasts aren’t getting any perkier, the increasing crumminess that my species is inflicting on its only habitat still looms. Somehow experiencing even these unpleasant things felt like a thrill. It was like finding a great piece of furniture on the street and not caring that it has a crack, I’m lucky to have it in whatever shape I find it!

April 24, 2013

  1. M

    I’m afraid of a nuclear war as well, so it’s all good. I live yards of new wildfires and am having to miss a taping of Tosh.O. Not a happy camper! I play Paper Television and watch the world burn. Cheers!

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