We got back home, and it was all weird. You know how once you get home, you can’t help but compare home with everywhere else? Hopefully after the rigorous comparison, home comes out on top. We went through the list:
San Francisco Air vs. Shitty City = we love our home!
Berlin Always On-Time Trains vs. It’s Up to You New York = I wanna wake up in the city that never sleeps! Happily, we have a lease in the city we prefer. So we’ll just proceeded with living here.

The third morning after our return, I awoke to see a small cat peeking into the bedroom doorway. We don’t have a cat. I yelped. The cat was gone. We haven’t seen it again. Just an hour ago while watching a movie, a smaller and less endearing animal ran across the living room and ducked into a hole under the radiator. The animal would be cute if it were in a movie or a cage. Is this the result of our leaving town- we lost the control over our turf, and now have to share it with whoever chooses to wander in?

This site where I put words is another place to figure out how to come home to. So many places I could compare it to. But instead, let’s just look at these pictures of my dad laughing. I inherited his same propensity towards convulsive laughter, so in a way these pictures look to me like myself, and that kind of feels like home.

A special welcome home, as well, to the new born babies of two of my closest friends, who happened to arrive yesterday and today. HELLOOO BABIEEESSSSS!!!! HELLO MAEVE! HELLO LITTLE PILOT! Welcome to your new home planet earth. It can be a nice place here. And don’t worry, we are going to shield you from the ugly parts. At least until we can teach you how to love them.

September 15, 2010

  1. Joe Maricich

    KK, it was so great to spend some time with you on your tour in Germany, but these photos of me remind me of how much I love you. Otherwise, I’d sue you for using them.


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