A new bra.
Bookshelves in the living room.
Functioning record player.
A different winter coat.
New high-tops.
The heat to be lower in my apartment at night.
Appropriate indoor temperatures everywhere year-round in NYC.
One old close friend to move to New York.
One New York friend who will tell me if there is something wrong between us instead of pretending it didn’t happen and just checking out for 3 months.
More New York friends and half friends.
An actually cold winter.
A day at the korean spa.
Dinner at Gahm Mi Oak.
A baby made by somone else that we can hot-rod as our own, hopefully not too expensive.
Scarlett Johannson to stop acting like a bimbo so I can like her again.
Obama to be progressive.
Ru Paul’s Drag Race.
A kitten.
A solution for our shedding couch fabric.
Dents in the car fixed.
A volkswagon jetta diesel wagon or car with better gas mileage than that.
NYC parking tickets paid.
Face cream.
A large globe terrarium to put my dehydrated fern in.
Memership to Anthology Film Archive.
Artist membership to MOMA.
No beef with anyone ever.
Shelves in the hallway for storing our gear.
Filing cabinets in the kitchen.
A kitchen counter that doesn’t rot around the edges.
A washing machine under the kitchen counter.
To be a better writer.
Not to have to backtrack out of sentences that I don’t have the grammatical skills to complete.
A solid knowledge of the Classics, British poets, Enlightenment era thinkers, African nations and major cities, No Wave bands, geological terms, 20th and 21st Century design, art history, ancient history from dinosaurs through the Greeks, Contemporary and performance art, html, CSS, American history, European history, Japanese history, history of the other places, synthesizers.
Not to be so certain that my ideas are right when I am talking to my friends about their business.
More parties.
Zero debt.
Some kind of long term volunteer position.
Walk down the street and people say hi to me.
More community.
A mentor (really good one).
To see my brother more.
The schwarma guy at NE corner of 55th and 6th to come back from his trip to Egypt.
Egypt to have a moderate government so the guy in the bodega can move back and resume his tourism business.
A haircut.
Acupuncture for everything.
Magic cure to my allergies.
It just started snowing as I am writing this.
More sunlight in my apartment.
A mirror in the hallway.
To get to make some performances that are small and strange, maybe perform them in some divey downtown venues.
To be powerful enough to make small quiet spaces during larger performances.
A renovated website that includes documentation of all the things I’ve done.
New ways to incorporate physical and visual things that I make into my performance work.
A large log.
Renewed subsctiption to ArtForum.
The sty in my eye to go away.
Uganda not to kill the gays.
The last song produced amazing.
Keep getting more intimate with my own creative work, tighter and continually stronger relationship with it.
Consistent gym attendance.
More openings.
More hot dates.
Tickets to a show at The Public Theater and the accompanying New York magazine subscription that automatically comes along with them.
A trip to the tropics.
A trip with friends.
Continued good health.
Never to say I’m sorry when I don’t mean it, never to say it just to make the situation nicer.
To be more imposing in general.
To pull off some intimidating hats.
To keep things simple.
Hanging out in Berlin.
To know more songs to sing at Marie’s Crisis.
Secret wish #1.
Secret wish #2.
Occasional inexpensive access to an awesome studio in New York with great outboard gear and some neat synths.
Swimming in lakes (clean).
A softer pillow.
2013 Stendig Calendar I don’t care that it’s trendy.
2 terrabyte hard drive.
2013 Moleskine day planner like I had last year.
My little Canon fixed.
A radio for the kitchen.
A stereo set-up where we can play music in all parts of the house and it’s not attached to our recording rig.
To get to see my parents in ways that aren’t stressful, to get the most and the best out of them.
A pair of sunglasses.
To see the Ann Hamilton show at the Armory.
To see the Lucy Lippard show at Brooklyn Museum.
To see my one friend’s baby for the first time.
To actually get to know my friends’ children.
No more wrinkles.
A better ass.
Not to ever weigh any more than I do now.
To go camping next summer, and sleep outside, more than one night.
For the coral reefs not to turn to ash grey.
To go snorkeling in the living coral reefs.
Tons of sex.
To do a lot of shopping in the city with Scott where we hunt for the items like cougars.
To be wilder while also subtler.
To spend a little more time in the good parts East Village.
To know my neighbors.
To find more of the parts of the internet that make me feel like things are possible.
To be able to stay as frugal as I am now even once I have money but also able to splurge when it matters.
Never to be a cheap tipper.
Massive, nationwide, worldwide proactive and creative response to climate change, beginning with Americans becoming aware of how much power we use and doing things like unplugging the phone charger when it isn’t in use so the electricity doesn’t just pour out of the wall.
More chances to speak Danish.
For my Spanish to be fluent.
To write a book.

December 27, 2012

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