About a year and a half ago, I made a public pronouncement that I was no longer going to play my older songs anymore. There was to be one grand farewell show, and then I would be moving on to new things, new songs, and new formats for playing them. Last week, for five nights in a row, I stood up in front of thousands of people and broke my word. Five times! If you count each old song that I sand as an individual transgression, then I went against my word about twenty times. Does this amount to a hair band comeback tour?

It is not a hair band comeback tour, I think, although my hair is much longer than it once was, and I have been wearing skin tight pants onstage. Hmm, maybe the evidence is mounting against me. At any rate, I feel fairly certain that breaking my word in this instance is the right thing to do. At the present moment, I don’t have an articulate statement for exactly why it is right. I have confidence, however, that an articulate statement about my double-cross will come to me at a later point. At the moment I am just going on instinct.

p.s. When I took the above photos I was drunk, on a boat. Instinct!

March 29, 2010

  1. Joe Maricich

    I liked hearing your old songs, and by the response of the Ogden Theater audience, they liked them too, so I forgive you for breaking your word.

  2. Nick Fasso

    As a fan and a proponent of musicians playing old material live, the temporary double-cross was definitely the right move – a lot of people hold many of your songs very close to them, in much the same way I am sure you, as the author, do. Perhaps a permanent double-cross would be in order, so as to allow for those who are not fortunate enough to live in Colorado to hear the wonderful sound of your promise breaking…?

  3. mh

    ‘the wonderful sound of your promise breaking’ should be like a quiverfull movement themed musical. about that ‘special moment’.

  4. Sean

    Yo. So I just realized you have started posting here again and am happy for this and especially for the fact that you are playing shows again and maybe are going to release more musics. You as a person bring great joy to me. I feel a lot of pressure in my head often about how ridiculous everything is all the time. I mostly enjoy this ridiculousness but am also perpetually confused as to what exactly is going on here. I don’t think I believe we are just fancy monkeys. I am not going to sit here and read all these posts now because I would like to save some of them for other times, much like I am saving a few Kurt Vonnegut books to read at later points in life (i best not die before i read them or i’m gonna be pissed).

    Great instinct with that photo.
    Thanks for being you.

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